Kind of interesting how you could describe my day with three words: Long, Happy, and Good. Ever have those days at work that seem never ending and all you want is for it to be time to get off but yet what feels like 5pm is only 2 hours into your workday? That’s how long my day felt today but you know what? I actually enjoyed it, with life happening so fast with buying, selling, contracts, listings, blogging, kids, pets, church activities, continuing education, and well being a mom and wife is busy in itself. But considering the afternoon had a ton of hiccups and I was ready to hit my head on the wall repeatedly because my computer wasn’t cooperating it was a pretty darn good afternoon, let alone day. It is hard to be a positive one in the midst of a day that felt like nothing was going right, but life is what you make of it right? I live for the zest of life so therefore let’s make everyday fun and happy.

            Happy, thinking about the fact my computer kept telling me I didn’t have Adobe Reader installed even though I did is about to drive anyone up the wall right? But I was happy because there was a solution and had to work hard on finding that solution. Which kind of made my day feel long anyways. The moment that my day really just made me so happy, excited, giddy, in my element, and all around just bursting with love for real estate was presenting a listing presentation. Going to college years ago I signed up for almost every single business class that was offered including marketing. So badly wishing and daydreaming about the day a presentation would be my pride and glory.  That day was today, I have done multiple listing presentations in my years of real estate but today there was a new presentation I used. Before the presentation nerves were getting to me as they always do and they always have even dating back to high school. During the presentation the grove was felt and I was on a roll with talking about everything I know about real estate and how it applied to the new seller’s house. Even though the pointer was missing the fact was feeling confident, excited, and the love of real estate pouring out throughout the presentation made it a happy kind of day.

            Good days, sitting here with the hours closing into midnight and trying so hard to just stay awake and finish my blog since the day got away from me being so busy. I wish there were words to tell all of you out there how much real estate is part of my life, love, and zest for life. Listing a home really just puts the icing on the cake for me and it’s not about the commission or anything monetary. It is strictly about my love of marketing, real estate, and people in general. Reflecting on the events from today the only wish is that tomorrow would be the same but it won’t be because every day is different.

            If you are thinking about listing with someone I encourage you to contact us because it will be hard to match our passion of real estate, respect, love of working with people, and marketing of your home. We have the same passion about buyers as well! So please feel free to call or email us for more information! Prospective Sellers you will receive a free Comparative Market Analysis.