For those in Lake and Sumter County who might be wondering about if they should sell. You will definitely want to take a look at today’s blog. All counties are not alike, what homes are popular in the Orlando area is not necessarily the same homes popular in Lake and Sumter Counties. So today we are going to take a look at how the market did in October for Lake and Sumter.


            There are many quaint areas in Lake County and is a great place to retire or to even raise your family at! It is a smaller area than Orlando so the numbers aren’t quite as impressive as the last blog post.


            Let’s start out on our road trip through the Lake and Sumter County statistics by the total number of houses that are currently on the market. There are 2,656 homes that were for sale in the month of October 2015. Out of those houses 569 homes were sold. The bulk of the homes sold had a minimum of 3 bedrooms! It still stands that 3+ bedrooms though are a lot more popular than 2 or less bedrooms. The majority of homes that are requested the most are 3 beds and 2 baths and that is the minimum that I have dealt with.


            On to the $$$$ which is what both buyers and sellers concentrate on. Buyers look at what they can afford and Sellers look at what their house is worth.  The average listing price of homes were $176,935 and the average sold price is $170,581. That is a 96% list to sell ratio! That is pretty darn good!


            Onward to our road trip we look at the average days on market. This is where things get really fast so fasten your seatbelts!!!!!! The average days on market for the homes SOLD in October is 76 DAYS! That’s a little over 2 months! That is really quick but there is some good news for sellers but bad news for buyers. As of the end of October the inventory could only sustain itself for 4.7 months. This is why we would love to be able to list your home! For future buyers to come along and fall in love with your house and realize they can’t live without having your home as theirs! Then we would love to find you a home that you felt the same way with. The market is on FIRE so I would hop on the road, enjoy the ride, while we do all the hard work! Contact Trina today for a FREE Market Analysis of YOUR home!


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