October 2015 Orlando Area Home Sale Recap


            You are probably wondering what the market is like at the moment. Is it a buyers market, is it a sellers market, are the prices going up? Are homes being sold or just sitting there with no activity? Wonder no more! For now we will go over the highlights of the market trends.


            The bulk of homes selling are within the $100,000-349,999 price range but there were 360 Single Family Homes and Villas that were sold in the $200,000-249,999. Looking over the trends from the past year this price range was very consistent with home sales. But total home sales for Single Family Homes were 2,223 in the month of October! The bulk of Condos, Townhouses, and Co-ops were sold in the $200,000-249,999 range with 57 sold but a close second place with 56 sales was in the $120,000-139,999. That brings their running total to 583 for the month of October.


            Are you wondering how this applies to you? What to do with these figures? Well if you are looking to sell your home these numbers would be a great way to see how the market is doing and is a way to gage how quickly your home will sell. But there are always other factors that go into effect for how quickly and efficiently your home will sell.


            One factor that goes into effect are the amount of bedrooms that a home has. The bulk of homes that sold had a minimum of 3 bedrooms. Those homes that had just 3 bedrooms home sales had 1,305 sales. Running in a close second were those with 4 bedrooms with 848 sales.


            Another factor that would decide how your home would sell is what type of home you have. Single Family Homes had 2,211 sales for the month! Condominiums came in second with 353 sales.


            Now, for one of the most asked questions among sellers. How long will it take my house to sell? The average days on market a home sits before selling is 72 days. That is pretty quick! Looking at the various price ranges and their average days on market they are all within the 60-80 days range. But the price range that had the lowest days on market with 57 days are those homes in the $700,000-799,999 range!


            The Orlando area has a great list to sell ratio! List to sell ratio can help you see approximately how much less of your list price your home will sell for. 97% is the list to sell ratio for the Orlando area.  That is a fantastic number!


            Are you wondering whether or not you should sell your home? Well as of October 2015 the inventory of homes could only sustain 3.8 months This is one of the lowest points in a few years. To compare back in November 2011 the inventory of homes could sustain 8.5 months and their average days on market was 96.

            If you are undecided about whether or not to sell your home contact us today! We can provide you with a FREE Comparative Market Analysis to see statistics that are personalized to your home so you can see how well your home would sell in this great market!


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