Did you watch the show on HGTV last night of Fixer Upper? Wow I can't believe the transformation of this house let alone the price tag the buyers received it for! The house hunting was in Texas and the couple (buyers) purchased a home built in the 1920's for $50,000! Seriously? It is over 3500 square feet!!! Is that not crazy? $50,000! So now their renovation budget was at $225,000 which is a huge budget but for the work that needed to be done it should get the job done..hopefully? Let's find out! 

My favorite renovated room of the home is the craft room that is off of the living room. That would be such a dream to have a craft room in my home! I love to sew, scrapbook, create practically anything, and color. So to have a room dedicated to that is in my dreams. To continue making my dreams a reality in this home, they have a library wall. This is making me want to do a pinterest search for a library wall and thinking where I could put one in my home. I have a crazy amount of books as that is another hobby of mine. 

You should definitely check out the before/after photos of this house! It might inspire you to do some type of renovation on your own home!